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COMING SOON! The EZE Pole Holder was manufactured for fishing enthusiasts everywhere. Easy to use anywhere, anytime, and easy to remove after use. This device will hold your fishing pole to leave your hands free to grab a drink or read a book! The EZE Pole Holder is portable and can be used anywhere there is a dock or deck.

Watch our videos to see how easy it is to remove and install your EZE product.


Product Description:

  • One-piece, spring-operated, portable holder
  • All steel, durable construction
  • Spring design for easy use and optimum strength
  • Use in saltwater or freshwater

How to Use:

1. Insert end between dock planks
2. Press down and turn 90 degrees
3. You’re now ready to rest your fishing pole!

Product Specifications:

Coming Soon

Coming Soon


Product Disclaimer:

  • Not for use by small children
  • Ensure dock/deck wood is sound
  • Not to be used for suspension of humans
  • Not to be used as a tie off for safety lines

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